You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight

Fans of teen horror movies will relish this book which is a homage to the classic slasher movie genre. It tells the story of a group of teenagers who run a horror simulation game in a remote setting in the woods. After the explosive opening chapter, readers will be ready for an onslaught of cheesy horror, but then the pace changes, as a sense of impending doom begins to slowly build …

The lakeside setting of the camp adds to the creepy atmosphere and it’s no surprise when the story finally erupts into full-scale mayhem. As the protagonists run for their lives, the plot takes several twists and turns before landing firmly in supernatural territory. The main character, Charity Curtis, a black, queer teenager, is refreshingly smart, capable and resilient. But like many characters in slasher movies, she does not always follow her gut instinct. Her romance with girlfriend Bezi is sweet and handled in a gentle way. 

While the ending may not satisfy everyone, and some readers may observe that it has a slightly rushed feel to it, regardless of this, just like the horror movies this story pays homage to, it’s hard to look away!


Book Cover - You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight
Publication Date
June 2023