Indiana Bones and the Invisible City

Harry Heape and Rebecca Bagely offer readers another gripping and tremendously exciting story of Indiana Bones and his friends on their third adventure together. Beginning with a mini recap of ‘slimportant’ pieces of ‘funformation’ in bullet point format, this book ensures all readers, new and returning, can dive into the first chapter in the know.

A fast-paced and thrilling adventure ride, this story brings us from London to the Catacombs in Paris, to the Cosquer Cave in the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea, to Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands. Fury hero Indiana, his pal Aisha, and their clever team race to find ‘the best place in the world’, where the treasure of a two-thousand-year-old knight, The Lonely Avenger, is waiting to be discovered. However, such magical heroic quests come with their share of untimely challenges and unwanted attention. The villainous slithery Serpent must be stopped from plummeting the world into peril.

Expect to laugh out loud at this humorous story that is packed full of Heape’s hilarious jokes and playful use of words. Meanwhile, Bagely’s illustrations are simple but captivating and accompany the energetic nature of the story in an unobtrusive manner lending readers a more tangible idea of the characters appearances and settings in a subtle way.

This book will appeal to a middle grade audience for independent reading, while younger readers will still find much to enjoy with the help of an adult or sibling. Indiana Bones’ wacky adventures would certainly make a fun read aloud experience.



Book Cover - Indiana Bones and the Invisible City
Publication Date
June 2023