Monster Support Group The Werewolf's Tale

Lowell and his family have moved to a new town and new school. Lowell is going through changes some people experience during adolescence; he is hairier and moody, but they are not the only changes he is experiencing ...

The bullies in Lowell’s new school don’t like his differences and Lowell tries to blend in and be normal. He finds refuge by joining a monster support group and these ghouls and monsters have had their own share of torments from ‘normies’ and have a lot of amusing advice for their new friends.

Each page is detailed with such vivid, stylised and delightful illustrations which beautifully sculpt the world around Lowell with cute, charming characters and friendly monsters. This story brings readers on a hilarious, lighthearted and fun journey about an awkward stage of life. This is a poetic book which carries a message of the importance of self-acceptance and owning your identity, even when your peers around you are different too you. A perfect book to have for children to turn too during times of needed reassurance that it is better to be true to yourself.

Book Cover - Monster Support Group: The Werewolf's Tale
Publication Date
May 2023