Peanut, Butter & Crackers: Puppy Problems

Lively, fun and beautifully, illustrated, this story focuses on the arrival of a new puppy into the settled lives of Peanut and Butter, a cat and dog who enjoy their quiet and peaceful home. With the arrival of Crackers, a noisy and mischievous puppy who needs to learn the house rules, the pair are forced out of their comfortable, quiet routines and must learn to accept and mentor the new arrival.

Children will enjoy this story with its jokes, gags and puns throughout. The artwork is colourful and loose, which gives the graphic novel a real sense of playfulness. Family dynamics are explored in the storytelling and siblings will relate to Peanut and Butter who struggle to mentor the new puppy in the ways of the household. The novel has a heartwarming ending which will appeal to the whole family.

This story would be a perfect introduction to graphic novels for children of seven years and older. It is a story that can be read and re-read and could be a lovely talking point for parents and children who struggle with their younger siblings, or for new pet owners.

Book Cover - Peanut, Butter & Crackers - Puppy Problems
Publication Date
July 2023