When the Stars Come Out

When the light fades and night draws in our world may seem to take pause, but that is not so. In this book we learn about the rotation of our planet and a sky lit with the sparkle of galaxies and constellations and that is just the beginning!

Readers are taken through the darkness around our world, into the forests and across artic tundra’s, the highest mountains and the deepest oceans to learn about life after dark. This is a brilliant book guiding the reader in all things night related. Delivered in four sections – the sky, the earth, the animals, and human, the night seems is full of wonder and magic. The book spans everything from the history of human understanding of our place in the cosmos, all the way down to our dreams themselves.

Wonderfully textured illustrations accompany us on our journey, giving the reader clear diagrams and beautiful depictions on this vast array subjects. The colours throughout the book are warm and inviting, evoking the magic of the night time. There is also gentleness to the images too that seems to add greater mystery to the night.

Packed with facts and information there is plenty of material here to satisfy the most inquisitive of young minds, it is a trove of information for any age.

Book Cover - When the Stars Come Out
Publication Date
October 2023
Raon aoise