Welcome to the Mysteryverse: A World of Unsolved Wonders

From the minute the cover grabs your attention, and it will, this big bold hardback is an invitation to question, imagine and wonder. Easy to read, there is something of interest for all ages and the absolutely sumptuous artwork makes it a delight to dive into.

Gifford gives us bite-sized mysteries in his trademark accessible style. Under the headings of ‘People Puzzles,’ ‘Earth Enigmas,’ ‘Natural Niggles,’ ‘Cosmic Conundrums’ and ‘Miscellaneous Mysteries’, we are invited to contemplate this magnificent world. Readers will be fascinated to explore time travel, dark matter, deja vu, and the questions surrounding the behaviour of animals like cats, elephants and moths (why are they attracted to lights?). There is even a fascinating section on recently solved mysteries.

This book is bursting with rich vibrant artwork. The amazing Good Wives and Warriors duo of Louise Chappell and Becky Bolton have yet again created something magnificently bold, beautiful, and inviting. Words do not do justice to their rich detailed spreads. The full pages of butterflies, bugs and zebras are all outstanding artworks in their own right.

This is a book for all the family, suitable for reading aloud and exploring the artwork with younger ones and with enough interesting mysteries to capture the imaginations of older kids and adults. This reviewer will definitely be gifting copies to the young people in her life.

Book Cover - Welcome to the Mysteryverse - A World of Unsolved Wonders
Publication Date
October 2023
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