The Treasure Hunt: True Stories of Treasures Lost, Stolen and Found

Which continents will have secrets to explore? Which will remain undiscovered? Which artist’s work has been stolen more than eighty times? Where can you find a Terracotta Army? What is the Amber Room? Where is the wreck of The Titanic? Readers can wile away an afternoon as they explore this fascinating book. Encompassing archaeology, the history of art, palaeontology, history, and geography, this book is an immersive odyssey of armchair travelling across the globe.

Would be treasure hunters are required to have a keen eye and a sharp mind. From the start the reader is addressed as ‘You’ and transported into the story.  Egged on by mysterious sightings of a ghost raiding the world’s treasures they are encouraged to learn the skills of cartography, cryptology, enigmatology and epigraphy to crack mysterious code messages collected throughout. As each destination is reached with the help of handy guides, lucky guess work and the map at the back reveal new facts about precious lost, stolen and found treasures.

In colourful spreads peppered with depictions of artefacts, inscriptions, runes and clues, Wright uses a mixture of information panels, exploratory illustrations, maps, sketches, and comic strips to illustrate Stewart-Sharpe’s detailed research trail. The illustrations are static, and the text is highly informative, often veering off on tangents from the central quest, but the book is still absorbing. The intriguing content encourages readers to investigate beyond the book. Its interactive treasure hunt challenge element will engage young readers with curious minds who like visual puzzles.

Book Cover - The Treasure Hunt - True Stories of Treasures Lost, Stolen and Found
Publication Date
October 2023