The Book Who Wanted to be Loved

When a lonely book becomes impatient waiting to be bought by the right customer, it takes matters into its own hands. Setting off from the bookshop, the little book ventures into the outside world, determined to find someone to share its stories with. However, the outside world is a far cry from the warmth and safety of the bookshop, and it isn’t long before the lonely book realises the value of its bookshop home.

Rebecca Elliot’s illustrations have a retro feel, with her selected palate contrasting the warm and cosy atmosphere of the bookshop with the cold unknown of the outside world. Lovingly rendered, the images of the bookshop and the staff there will be familiar to any regular customers of No Alibis, the beloved Belfast Independent bookshop, while maintaining a universality that all bookshop lovers will resonate with.

A reminder of the importance of supporting local bookshops which are a safe haven for many from what can often be a difficult world, this story is a reminder of the escape and respite that books can offer from the harshness of reality. An ideal read for anyone who’s favourite bookshop is their happy place.

About the Illustrator
Illustrator Image - Rebecca Elliott
Rebecca Elliott is an Ireland-based illustrator and designer. Rebecca loves to draw and tell stories and in her work explores her curiosities... She hopes to inspire others to be curious!
Léigh tuilleadh
About the Publisher
Publisher Logo - No Alibis Press
No Alibis Press is a small publishing company with a big shouty attitude. As an independent press we’re relatively new on the scene, but for some time now we’ve been quietly incubating among the shelves of No Alibis bookstore where David Torrans and his team have been selling books for more than twenty years. Our mission: to find extraordinary novels with a strong voice that aren’t afraid to be
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Book Cover - The Book Who Wanted to be Loved
Publication Date
June 2023