A simple, fun, and engaging book with plenty of repetition, rhyme, and a variety of animal sounds that toddlers will undeniably enjoy hearing read aloud. Although not explicitly mentioned in the text, it is implied that the characters we meet on the first page are a family consisting of two dads and their three small children. Representation is important, and LGBTQ+ families will certainly appreciate the inclusion of a same-sex couple and their children in the story.

Throughout the tale we follow the family on their journey across a rainbow as they embark on the hunt for the elusive Rainbowsaurus. What exactly is a Rainbowsaurus? And why are the family so keen on finding him? Who knows, as the narrative offers no explanation, but perhaps it doesn’t matter. Along the way they encounter a variety of brightly coloured animals who join them on their quest, culminating in the discovery of the Rainbowsaurus, who was right behind them all along. The illustrations are dynamic and energetic; the characters have lots of entertaining poses and facial expressions that children will enjoy looking at. The colour palette is limited to an unconventional, yet simple rainbow palette that is bold and bright.

Toddlers will surely enjoy repeating the sounds made by each creature and naming the bright colours. The repetition aids in making the story memorable, helping young children to join in and predict what comes next. Overall, a fun, colourful and inclusive read.

Cover - Rainbowsaurus
Publication Date
January 2024