Do You Remember?

In the small hours of the first morning in their new homes, a boy and his mother are tucked in bed and take turn sharing memories of the past: the smell of grandad’s oil lamp, a bicycle received as a birthday gift, or a picnic in the field with dad. Now that it’s just the two of them, maybe this first morning in the new flat can become one of these memories that they will look back fondly upon.

Focused on a single moment in the life of this family, Sydney Smith’s prose beautifully encapsulates the myriad of emotions associated with moving to a new place. The intertwined themes of homesickness and hope are dealt with originality and sensitivity. Separation is also subtly hinted at, but the undefined nature of the boy and his mother’s journey leaves room for many different interpretations and possibilities for readers to identify with the narrative.

Shared through vignettes, simple shapes and almost blurry strokes of paint, the stunning illustrations convey the nostalgic quality of memories in a clever and emotional way. The use of light throughout transports the reader to the warm cosy atmosphere of shared stories under the bedsheets to the point that one can almost hear the soft whispers of the characters’ conversation.

Both bittersweet and heartwarming, this picturebook is a masterful interpretation of the theme of great change told through a child’s point of view.

Cover - Do You Remember?
Publication Date
November 2023