Traitor in the Game

This fast-moving thriller is set in the world of online gaming and is the sequel to the Campbell’s first book, A Game of Life or Death.

Streetwise teen Asha Kennedy is a talented gamer who becomes embroiled in the dangerous world of corruption at the top of the lucrative gaming world. She tries to uncover dark secrets about the death of her sister and girlfriend, and the disappearance of Asha’s love-interest, Dark – all of which took place in the first book. From the opening, Asha is plunged deep in the action, and it takes a while to make sense of what’s happening. While there is sufficient background to enable the reader piece together the story arc, there remain significant gaps. 

Compelling descriptions of augmented reality environments make it easy to visualise the high-speed physical action as Asha and her team participate in a violent gaming tournament set in abandoned swathes of New York, live streamed to fans. The gaming elements are convincing, exciting, and clearly where the author feels most comfortable, while for those who might not be into gaming, the tedium of tech-speak is avoided.

Sequels are challenging, especially for readers who might not have read the first book, which is exactly the experience of this reviewer. While Asha is an interesting and well-rounded protagonist, other characters could do with greater development: it was difficult at times to care about some of the support cast. The strengths of this novel are the gaming elements and the action throughout.

About the Author
Photo - Triona Campbell
Triona Campbell started her professional career producing television for young audiences. She is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated producer and the creator of Gamer Mode, a TV series about video games. She was also an EU Ambassador for female entrepreneurs. Her passion for storytelling led into writing, and she is a recent graduate of the M.Phil. in creative writing at Trinity College, Dublin.
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Book Cover - The Traitor in the Game
Publication Date
February 2024