The Hoys

This is a fun, phrenetic jaunt through piratical phonetics that all rests on one clear and hilarious misunderstanding: what is a ‘hoy’?

All of the pirates that Pirate Jake meets keep on saying ‘ahoy there!’ but poor Pirate Jake cannot find a ‘hoy’ anywhere! He looks all over but there isn’t a ‘hoy’ to be found anyplace at all, and he worries that he will never become a real pirate without them. That is, until he wanders upon something wondrous in a secret cave and has his wildest dreams come true.

The Hoys is filled with Kes Gray’s trademark humour and wordplay that turns the reader’s expectations on their head. It’s ideally suited to reading aloud and children will love the simple act of shouting, ‘ahoy there’ and answering ‘where?’ right before bedtime. Like all Kes Gray books, it is clever, very funny, and filled with brilliant twists.

With a sparse text, the pirate’s world is created entirely through Mark Chambers bright and colourful illustrations. The artwork isn’t afraid of a little heavy lifting, bringing The Hoys beautifully to life, lighting up Kes Gray’s piratical world brilliantly. 

Fans of his fun wordplay stories like Quick Quack Quentin and The Who’s Who of Whonicorns will revel in the antics of Pirate Jake and his long-suffering parrot. This one will be re-read time and time again.

Book Cover - The Hoys
Publication Date
May 2024
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