Always Carry Me With You

A heartwarming story, charming artwork and lovely meaning, this book makes for the perfect parent-child read.

Through the father’s vivid explanations, we see how stones are used to build historic monuments, become mountains, light fires and become art. However, these are not the types of stones he wishes to be. He would much rather be a humble pebble that his daughter can always carry with her, so that she has something to hold on tightly to and know how loved she is.

Éparvier’s narrative is beautifully visualised by Benaglia’s illustrations using a mix of digital art and a real image of a stone throughout. This type of style meshes charmingly together helping to showcase the stone in a way that keeps young readers engaged throughout the story. The reader’s eye gravitates to finding this real image in a sea of illustration which helps the story flow at a quick and easy pace.

A sweet story, this would be a great benefit to help any child to know they always have their father’s love to help them through tough times. An important book for any young reader who is experiencing change and needs reassurance that they are never alone.

Book Cover - Always Carry Me With You
Publication Date
April 2024
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