Marnie Midnight and the Moon Mystery

Marnie Midnight is the first book in a new series from Laura Ellen Anderson that introduces Marnie, the moth who lives in a world of bugs. Their world, though small to our eyes, is bursting with life, excitement, and adventure.

We meet Marnie as she embarks on her first day at Minibeast Academy, a school of insects. Marnie is a dreamer, full of joy, and especially passionate when it comes to her favourite topic, the moon. There are questions about whether magic exists, chasing dreams, and standing up for what we care about, but mostly Marnie is a fun adventure through an extraordinary world.

Anderson characterises each insect in unique and fun ways. From cool-girl butterflies, to vengeful ants, each character is an imaginative exploration of this world and the dynamics within it. It’s the perfect story for kids who have an interest in fantastical worlds, insects or the moon.

Each page is beautifully illustrated with fun characters or motifs as well as full pages that focus on world-building and maps. It’s a great book for reluctant readers or those branching into chapter books as the images scattered through really help navigate the text and give little moments to pause and investigate the intricate illustrations that contain so much story themselves.

Between the fun adventures we meet loving parents, larvae brothers, mean teachers, and even famous figures of the minibeast world with lots of funny jokes, puns, and wordplay along the way!


Book Cover – Marnie Midnight and the Moon Mystery
Publication Date
February 2024