The Girl Who Couldn't Lie

Priya is exhausted from trying to be perfect all the time. She’s perfect at home, perfect at school and perfect in her gymnastics training. In order to be that perfect, you need to tell a few lies. But one day, Priya puts a bangle on her wrist and suddenly finds that she has to tell the truth; the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The bangle isn’t coming off and Priya has a lot to learn if she wants to stay out of trouble …

This novel covers all the typical teen issues of school, friends and boys but does not stop there. It includes a range of more realistic issues for Priya and her friends to manage – living up to expectations of culture and family, coming out in your teens, dealing with divorce and coping with the loss of a loved one. The story also explores the misconceptions that can surround neurodivergence, in particular with regards to ADHD. The various Asian cultures in shown throughout story are interwoven beautifully, as the characters find they have plenty of similarities within their friend group, sharing all sorts of experiences from bat mitzvahs to sushi sleepovers!

The clear message of the novel is that it is your job to only tell your truth and only when it feels right. The development of self-acceptance and growth of the characters was lovely to experience throughout and overall this was an incredibly enjoyable story.

A proper feel-good read with some mature themes that would be suited to teenagers.

Book Cover – The Girl Who Couldn't Lie
Publication Date
May 2024