Officer Clawsome: Lobster Cop

Welcome to Caper Cove where the underwater streets are policed by the dynamic crime-fighting duo of Officer Clawsome: Lobster Cop and his partner Stariana, the sharpest and smartest starfish under the sea. Follow their adventures as they fight such criminal masterminds of the deep as Catfishburglar, Chowderhead, and the most sinister and slippery of all, Electric Eel.

The first book in a new series of graphic novels that hilariously takes the well-trodden clichés of detective cop shows and books and gives them an oceanic twist. Here the cynical police detectives line up for kelpcakes, instead of donuts, and the veteran police chief is the very ‘crabby’ Captain Badmood. The overall tone of the novel is fast-paced and fun with an exciting story packed full of groan-worthy puns that will leave young readers guffawing.

The full colour illustrations in each action-packed panel add to the propulsive nature of the story propelling the reader forward to the explosive climax where we finally found out if Officer Clawsome and Stariana can save the day for all the fishy residents of Caper Cove. A perfect read for fans of Bunny vs. Monkey and Dogman who are looking for a new hero to follow and enjoy, Officer Clawsome’s debut adventure is a successful introduction to memorable new characters in an unusual and entertaining setting that will leave readers breathless for more.

Book Cover - Officer Clawsome: Lobster Cop
Publication Date
January 2024