The Frog's Kiss

A reimagination of a story that is familiar to many of us, but painted in a new light with all the colours of the rainbow through words and images. Most of us are willing to do whatever we need to find love. This is demonstrated in this book through the expansive and evocative illustrations that follows our little frog on his big journey in finding love and himself.

Representation matters. This book demonstrates this perfectly as the little frog finds a much less colourful and more traditional version of this tale in his fountain and sees himself represented … but not quite. That stirring of recognition is there, but at the same time the reality of following through with the story as it was previously written doesn’t go as planned. The pencil drawings are reminiscent of classic fairy tales and allow readers to see that while this is in many ways a traditional tale, it is one taking new strides towards supporting children who may identify as LGBTQ+.

It can take many of us a lot of tries to figure out what we want, rather than what we think is expected of us. This is a great lesson to learn at any age, especially for those who might feel different and many LGBTQ+ children may have had to grapple with this challenge at some point in their lives. This beautiful picturebook teaches readers of all ages that you can do what is true to you.

Book Cover - The Frog's Kiss
Publication Date
May 2024