Bird Boy

Nature and its power to heal and connect are at the core of this sensitively told and hopeful story. Following his mother’s sudden death Will is brought from the city to the remote countryside to live with an uncle he has never met. His trauma and isolation are apparent from the outset – not knowing how to talk about his feelings Will counts in an effort to manage them. Will meets Omar, a young refugee, and we adventure with them as they discover an eyrie, rescue an osprey chick called Whitetip, and ultimately, rescue each other.

This enforced removal from city to remote country and the ensuing positive impact of nature is not a new theme; however, Bruton’s writing gives it a freshness. From the outset, we are plunged into the natural world and our senses are awoken through evocative descriptions of Will’s new home, and the flight and majesty of birds. The osprey is paramount to the story, and as Whitetip moves from surviving to thriving, so too do Will and Omar.

Without preaching, this story gives food for thought on serious and topical issues, including loss, mental health and displacement. We learn a lot about nature and conservation, wild birds in particular, and are reminded that we have more in common than separates us. This story showcases the power of storytelling and nature to heal even the deepest of traumas. As Will’s uncle says, ‘scar tissue is stronger than skin’.

Book Cover - Bird Boy
Publication Date
May 2024