The Weather Girls

Taking readers back to 1940s Mayo, this novel is inspired by true events, which make it an even more fascinating read. Grace Devine, lives in the Blacksod Lighthouse and weather station, but the Devine family’s peaceful life changes when they are tasked with sending hourly weather updates to the Met Office in England. Whilst trying to juggle this newfound responsibility the pressure mounts as the war continues. As the stakes get higher each chapter, Grace must face the everyday normal drama that comes with being a twelve-year-old girl in Ireland during the Emergency.

Young readers will no doubt find great enjoyment in being able to identify with the various trials and tribulations Grace faces along with friends and family. What sets Webb’s novel apart is the strong family and friend connections, along with its strong representation of women during the Emergency in Ireland. The dynamic between Grace and her best friend Sibby is easily the most entertaining aspect of this novel, with the author highlighting the difficulty of overcoming jealousy, stubbornness and the ascendence into the trying teenage years through the many misunderstandings that Grace and Sibby have.

This novel is short but it packs a punch. A highly recommended read for those who may not have been previously aware of the impact the Blacksod Lighthouse had on the outcome of World War II and why it remains a major tourist attraction for the area. 

About the Author
Sarah Webb Headshot
Sarah Webb is an award-winning children's writer and children’s book champion. Sarah worked in the book trade for many years as a children’s bookseller and buyer. She now combines writing with teaching creative writing, school visits, reading and giving workshops at festivals and reviewing children’s books for the Irish Independent. She is also the Family and Programmer for MoLI (Museum of
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Book Cover - The Weather Girls
Publication Date
May 2024