The Crayon's Christmas

Duncan and his Crayons are preparing for the festive season, writing cards, decorating the house and receiving gifts and messages from distant Crayon relatives.

This is a unique book, filled with folded letters, postcards, games, press-out ornaments and even a pop-up. There is a lot here that will delight children (and adults), using Oliver Jeffers trademark mixed media to literally ‘push the envelope’ in terms of paper craft. It recalls the joy of receiving a ‘real’ handmade card or parcel in the post and wondering what’s inside. The rich pull-outs and games are all beautifully made and accompanied by amusing quips from the Crayons. They’re so much fun, however, that very young children may be a little impatient to get to the next delivery!

As a consequence, the story stringing each of the ‘packages’ together is a little threadbare, simply acting as a bridge from one envelope to the next. And the tiny handwriting and colour choices for some of the Crayons dialogue may prove difficult for those with reading difficulties.

That aside, the very cover of the book is gift wrapped like a present and really, that’s the point. It would be perfectly acceptable to stop in mid story to pore over the map of the Crayons world or play the board game instead. There’s a feast of festive fun and tactile charm to be found inside and the book offers so much in terms of creativity, craft and imagination. A perfect gift, if not exactly a perfect story, for building excitement in the lead up to Christmas.

About the Illustrator
Oliver Jeffers Headshot
Oliver Jeffers is a highly acclaimed talent in picture books. He graduated from The University of Ulster in 2001 with First Class honours and has since exhibited his paintings around the world. His outstanding talent has already been recognised by several high-profile awards, including the Nestlé Children's Book Prize Gold Award, the Blue Peter Book of the Year Award and the Irish Children's Book
Léigh tuilleadh
Book Cover - The Crayons' Christmas
Publication Date
October 2019