The Bigger Picture: Women Who Changed the Art World

This is the best art and artist book ever! It starts in alphabetical order examining amazing female artists individually and in depth. Each entry has a small blurb about the artist in bold, a quick way to get introduced to our dynamic female artists. As the book continues there are fun and quirky pages sprinkled throughout.

These extra special pages include a ‘Did you know’ section, a map of galleries around the world, a page of ‘Pioneers’ where they list women throughout history who have been forgotten or overshadowed, and another called ‘Behind the Scenes’, a section about working in the art world.

The author has put a lot of effort into making sure that each page is unique and, for those dedicated to living artists, they feature their answers to questions Bennett has asked them about their art and what it means to them. I especially liked reading the answers to the ‘What advice would you give to your twelve-year-old self?’ Since this book was published in association with the Tate Modern Gallery it does focus solely on modern and contemporary artists.

The illustrations really make this book special. Each page dedicated to a specific artist is personalised to her and her artwork.  There’s a mix of photos, sketches and illustrations on each page that really makes the entire book come alive.

From the outside this book looks like it’s for younger readers, but the in-depth descriptions and the choice of some artwork are better suited for older readers. It could even be considered a bed time story for younger children where one is read each night. This amazing book has so much to offer its reader and the budding artist or art historian. 

Book Cover - The Bigger Picture: Women Who Changed the Art World
Publication Date
March 2019