Hodder Children's Books

Cover - Rainbowsaurus


A simple, fun, and engaging book with plenty of repetition, rhyme, and a variety of animal sounds that toddlers will undeniably enjoy hearing read aloud. Although not explicitly mentioned in the text, it is implied that the characters we meet on the first page are a family consisting of two dads and their three small children. Representation is important, and LGBTQ+ families will certainly appreciate the inclusion of a same-sex couple and their children in the story.

Book Cover - Little Wolf

Little Wolf

Little Wolf is an empowering and inspirational tale of a young wolf’s quest to overcome his fear and express himself in song. Little Wolf despairs of ever being heard amidst the noisy barks and growls of his fellow pups during the Big Howling Ceremony. Will his inability to howl exclude him from the pack?

Book Cover - The Treasure Hunt - True Stories of Treasures Lost, Stolen and Found

The Treasure Hunt: True Stories of Treasures Lost, Stolen and Found

Which continents will have secrets to explore? Which will remain undiscovered? Which artist’s work has been stolen more than eighty times? Where can you find a Terracotta Army? What is the Amber Room? Where is the wreck of The Titanic? Readers can wile away an afternoon as they explore this fascinating book. Encompassing archaeology, the history of art, palaeontology, history, and geography, this book is an immersive odyssey of armchair travelling across the globe.

Book Cover - Skellig


‘We caught our breath at our ability to do this thing, at the extraordinary lightness of our load. I closed my eyes for a moment. I imagined that this is a dream. I told myself that anything was possible in a dream.’

When Michael moves to an old house with an over-grown garden and a dilapidated garage, he makes a shocking a discovery. At first, he can’t believe his eyes, but soon his encounter with an incredible soul develops into a profound bond. With the help of his new neighbour, Mina, they join forces and a remarkable and moving adventure begins.

Book Cover - Meet the Maliks Twin Detectives - The Cookie Culprit

Meet the Maliks Twin Detectives: The Cookie Culprit

Maysa and Musa Malik are twins who have a very strong bond, even though they have very different personalities. Maysa has been told that she can’t go on a school trip and is desperately trying to prove to her parents that she can behave and not get into trouble. Her big chance comes when the twins’ class are asked to design and bake cookies for a charity fundraising auction. A great deal of work goes into the cookies, but disaster strikes when all the cookies are destroyed. Enter the twin detectives and their sidekick neighbour Norman …

Book Cover - The Dos and Donuts of Love

The Dos and Donuts of Love

The Dos and Donuts of Love follows an Irish Bangladeshi 17-year-old on her baking journey as a contestant on the Bake Off inspired Junior Irish Baking Show. This pun-filled, queer love story will have you craving donuts and the Bengali desserts Shireen so passionately makes.

Book Cover - Global


Sami lives with his grandfather in a fishing village the Bay of Bengal where the rising tides and frequent storms have made everyday survival difficult. Setting out further and further into the ocean in search of fish, Sami and his grandfather frequently return empty handed. Sami needs their luck to change – and fast.

Book Cover - To the Other Side

To the Other Side

Meza tells a story of two refugee children that is both timely and appropriate. The subtle interplay between text and image allows for a realistic but sensitive reading of what is happening here. The first line reads: ‘The rules of the game are simple. Avoid the monsters, don’t get caught, and keep moving.’ The young boy soon declares he is tired of the game, but his older sister urges him on until he realises … this is not a game.

Book Cover - A Million to One

A Million to One

A Million to One gives the reader a glimpse into a point in history that captures the excitement and glamour of the luxurious, unsinkable Titanic. Four young women are drawn together to carry off the biggest heist of their lives – stealing a rare jewel-encrusted poetry book that will travel to America on the Titanic. The charismatic thief Josefa crafts a plan for her skilled team: Hinnah, an acrobat and contortionist; Violet, a talented actress; and Emilie, an artist and newly skilled forger.

Book Cover - The Wildstorm Curse

The Wildstorm Curse

Kallie Tamm is really looking forward to a summer holiday at the Wildstorm Theatre Camp – the determined thirteen-year-old is adamant that her dyslexia won’t hold her back from achieving her dream of becoming a renowned playwright. But when Kallie finds out that the camp cast will be performing a play written by a seventeenth-century witch, Ellsabet Graveheart, as their finale, strange and inexplicable things start to happen. Because a dark shadow is awakening in the woods around Wildstorm, and Kallie and her new friends soon find themselves in terrible danger.