Deirdre Sullivan

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Deirdre Sullivan is a writer and teacher from Galway. She has written seven acclaimed books for young adults, and was the recipient of the CBI Book of the Year Award in 2018 and 2021 and the An Post Irish Book Award for YA in 2020.

Book Cover - Wise Creatures

Wise Creatures

Hauntings don’t begin with houses. They begin with people. Teenager Daisy lives with her aunt Susan and cousin Nina (who she loves like a sister). After a tragic and mysterious childhood, Daisy has spent much of her life building walls within herself to block out the creatures festering inside her, always threatening to overflow.

Book Cover - Savage Her Reply

Savage Her Reply

As a child, I loved to read stories from all over the world, but those based on Irish mythology were the ones I liked best. Although I was familiar with the story of the Children of Lir, it was never one of my favourites and I haven’t revisited the tale in years.

Book Cover - Tangleweed and Brine

Tangleweed and Brine

Appropriately, the endpapers of this fine collection of feminist fairy-tales are black, anticipating the darkness of its preoccupations, the horrors of human depravity and the historical treatment of women, often intimately bound up. The notion is first muted on the cover where blood-infused creepers not merely entrap the crowns, hearts and slippers of sanitised stories for children, but reveal snakes, axes and padlocks.