Amy Devereux

Cover - Have You Heard of Harry Styles

Have You Heard of Harry Styles? Flip Flap Turn and Play

Have You Heard Of Harry Styles? is a brilliant book for curious young children who love to learn, or have an interest in music.

Book Cover - This Wicked Fate

This Wicked Fate

This Wicked Fate is the second and final book in Kalynn Bayron’s mesmerising duology that is rooted in Greek mythology. This is the ideal book for teenagers that have graduated from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and are looking for another series based on ancient history to sink their teeth into.

Book Cover - Where the Light Goes

Where the Light Goes

Sara Barnard’s novel is not only an account of how a teenager copes after losing her sister to suicide but also a searing critique of how the media tears down young women and only changes the messaging when it is too late. Emmy’s musician sister is Lizzie Beck to the entire world, but just Beth to Emmy. When Beth is found dead after what is presumed to be an overdose Emmy’s entire world changes, never to be the same again.

Book Cover - Lies We Sing to the Sea

Lies We Sing to the Sea

Inspired by Penelope’s twelve maids from The Odyssey, this is ultimately a story about love, friendship, revenge and everything in between.

Book Cover - A Curse So Dark and Lonely

A Curse So Dark and Lonely

A modern twist on ‘Beauty and the Beast’, this book is a slow burner that rewards the reader in its second half. Prince Rhen has been cursed by an evil sorceress after he breaks her heart. If he fails to get somebody to fall in love with him, he turns into a ferocious beast and the cycle begins again with a new girl. Rhen is a tortured character as he attempts to come to terms with everything he has done in the past. The author does not shy away from representing the hardships encountered by a young man learning to open up to those around him.

Book Cover - Clean


Clean is a hard hitting, fierce novel about drug addiction, mental health and figuring out how to stand on your own two feet. Lexi is a high-flying socialite in London, but her whole world comes crashing down after she overdoses and has to be rescued by her older brother who checks her straight into rehab against her will. Facing demons from her past and present, Lexi must decide if she will fight to save herself.

Book Cover - Brunt Boggart

Brunt Boggart: A Tapestry of Tales

This wonderfully weird and fantastical novel reads like a collection of whimsical fairy tales yet also has an overarching plot that binds the short stories together. Reminiscent of Holly Black and Neil Gaiman’s engrossing settings, David Greygoose’s book brings the reader on a magical journey as Greychild, the main character, searches for his mother. Each character of each tale jumps to life off the page as they weave their own stories.

Book Cover - Voyages In The Underworld Of Orpheus Black

Voyages In The Underworld Of Orpheus Black

This illustrated novel about two brothers trying to survive while World War II rages in London is one that stays with the reader long after they have finished it. The story is punctuated with poems written from the point of view of Orpheus, the Greek myth hero. The juxtaposition of Orpheus’ bravery and Harry’s views of being a coward is evident. After the explosion at the pub that leaves Harry injured and his brother Ellis presumed dead, it is evident that Harry is the hero of the story.

Book Cover - After the War

After the War

Based on a true story, this book follows Jewish children who travel to the Lake District in the U.K. directly after being freed from a concentration camp. We meet Yossi in the middle of his journey. His simple yet detailed descriptions of the start of the war with the German planes flying overhead, transports the reader to that moment in time. Yossi’s positive and kind nature encourages the reader to root for his happiness. Although told through third person, Yossi’s nature shines through. His is a voice that will stay with the reader a long time after the book is finished.

Book Cover - Lily Steps Up

Lily Steps Up

Although this is the second story set in Lissadell, it may be read as a standalone book also. Lily is once again shown to be a kind, helpful and resourceful character that children can look up to. She is determined to help her friend Nellie find the family she was separated from in the workhouse and uses all the connections she has at Lissadell and beyond to do so.