Maeve Kerins

Book Cover - The Weather Girls

The Weather Girls

Taking readers back to 1940s Mayo, this novel is inspired by true events, which make it an even more fascinating read. Grace Devine, lives in the Blacksod Lighthouse and weather station, but the Devine family’s peaceful life changes when they are tasked with sending hourly weather updates to the Met Office in England. Whilst trying to juggle this newfound responsibility the pressure mounts as the war continues. As the stakes get higher each chapter, Grace must face the everyday normal drama that comes with being a twelve-year-old girl in Ireland during the Emergency.

Book Cover - Ghostlord


It is apparent within the first few chapters of Phillip Womack’s new novel, that the author is heavily inspired by classic gothic and fantasy literature and word of mouth style ghost stories. However, Womack puts his own modern fantastical twist on it.

Book Cover - Gwen and Art Are Not in Love

Gwen and Art Are Not in Love

Primarily set in Camelot, England this story brings together the mystical and the modern in its tackling of themes such as familial expectations, public perception, royal legacy, and queer identity.

Book Cover - This Book Kills

This Book Kills

Ravena Guron’s novel takes place at Heybuckle – an elite English boarding school stereotypical in its hierarchical structure, parental overinvolvement and emphasis on its own reputation. The story takes a dark turn when a student named Hugh Henry Van Boren is murdered. The novel’s main protagonist, Jess Choudhary, is thrown into the midst of the investigation, as she depicted the murder scene exactly in a short story she wrote for a school assignment. In order to catch the real murderer, Jess must battle a corrupt education system that has been in place for many years.

Book Cover - Fake


Ele Fountain is an award-winning children’s author, and her latest novel does not disappoint. At fourteen years old, Jess is going to school for the first time to meet friends that, up to this point, she’s only known in the virtual space that dominates society.

Book Cover - The Wondrous Prune

The Wondrous Prune

Ellie Clements’s novel The Wondrous Prune is about moving to a new town, which means entering a new school, and it’s a story full of relatable characters feeling understandably anxious and excited at the prospect of inevitable life changes.

Book Cover - The Secret of Splint Hall

The Secret of Splint Hall

Katie Cotton’s first novel is a delightful combination of gothic mystery and family drama. When Isobel and Flora Johnson lose their father during the war, they are forced to relocate to Splint Hall, alongside their grieving mother.

Book Cover: The Monster Belt

The Monster Belt

Estevez’s fantasy, fiction novel is an intriguing page turner that relies heavily on investment in the novel’s main question: do monsters exist and if so, are they responsible for the disappearances of young male swimmers in two separate places? The novel is told through two narrative perspectives and worlds. Harris White is from sunny Formentera. Harris is determined to prove his best friend Jonty was taken by an underwater monster.