Aileen Ivory

Book Cover - The Boy Who Saved a Bear

The Boy Who Saved a Bear

In this charming adventure;, boy meets bear and, while It’s definitely not friendship at first sight, boy and bear form a bond of trust and respect, that takes them on the journey of their lives to return the legendary Key of Nissanka to their Queen.

Book Cover - Sherlock Bones and the Mystery of the Vanishing Magician

Sherlock Bones and the Mystery of the Vanishing Magician

Honestly, if your name is Sherlock Bones, there’s really only one career path and fortunately, this particular Sherlock, with his trusty companion, Dr Jane Catson, are particularly dab hands at mystery solving!

Book Cover - Castle Rock Mystery Crew

Castle Rock Mystery Crew: The Jase Files

A really well-illustrated, fast-paced and solidly entertaining classic ‘whodunnit’. When lonely, shy, ten-year-old Jase is treated to a caravan holiday in Castle Rock by his irreverent Auntie Nicki, he heads off on the trip along with his dog, Sherlock and his Nana, Rose, who suffers from Dementia. Jase fights his shyness and makes friends with Harri, Kinga and Tyrone, who ultimately all become the Castle Rock Mystery Crew. Why? Things go missing, from diamond earrings, to garden gnomes, and it looks like the children are getting the blame!

Book Cover - Happy Head

Happy Head

HappyHead is a select programme designed to tackle the unhappiness endemic amongst teenagers. Sebastian is one of the lucky few chosen to attend the special HappyHead camp along with other shy, disengaged, introverted teenagers who are living solitary lives, mainly online.

Book Cover - Atoms


What a great introduction to the world of physics! Using a style that is very infographic reminiscent, the vibrant and bold illustrations will capture the attention of any toddler and, I’m not ashamed to say, any adult! The text pops on the page, which makes the content really accessible, ideal for a book introducing a scientific topic.

Book Cover - What a Shell Can Tell

What a Shell Can Tell

Do you have a budding naturalist in your house, just waiting for the chance to hit the seashore? Then don’t dare to leave without this super piece of natural history in book form. Written by renowned oceanographer Helen Scales and illustrated by Sonia Pulido, this non-fiction exploration of what shells are and how they give up their little secrets is visually concise and appealing as well as being very readable.

Book Cover - Clementine Florentine

Clementine Florentine

What a fabulous start to a book! In the first three pages alone, we get feline bowel movements, a fart joke and a perfectly formed verse about Fred, the overweight and litter-tray-challenged cat. A rollercoaster of a beginning and it doesn’t let up until we hit the last line.

Book Cover - A Man Called Horse

A Man Called Horse: John Horse and The Black Seminole Underground Railroad

An interesting and accessible book, A Man Called Horse offers readers a manageable amount of information on Native American culture and the Underground Railroad by focusing on the life of Juan Caballo, or John Horse.

Book Cover- Know Your Rights and How To Claim Them

Know Your Rights and Claim Them: A Guide for Youth

In an increasingly complicated, fast-changing world, this book is an essential piece of kit for every bookshelf, and don’t let the ‘celebrity endorsement’ put you off! Angelina Jolie’s foreword underpins the seriousness of the subject matter, while coming across as practical, sincere, very positive, and really sets the tone for what’s to come over the ensuing pages. It explores why having formalised, ratified human rights codes are necessary, what’s protected under them, why young people (and adults!) should make sure they are followed, and why continued action to right wrongs is needed.