Claire Grant

Happytown Must be Destroyed Cover Image

Happytown Must be Destroyed

Leeza is a regular schoolgirl in the regular town of Owt. She’s plagued by allergies (hence her nickname, Sneezer), indecision and feelings of inadequacy. NOT exactly the type of person you want to have to depend on to save the world. But one Monday morning she wakes up to find that everyone in Owt is HAPPY. This happiness, strangely enough, manifests itself in a desire to exercise and eat healthily, which in the case of Leeza’s couch potato parents (and most of the townspeople to be honest) is highly unusual! Something suspicious is going on …

Book Cover - Croke Park Mice - The Missing Referee

Croke Park Mice: The Missing Referee

‘Will I tell you a secret about Croke Park? Lots of mice live there. There are thirty-two mice, one from each county in Ireland.’ So begins the delightful tale of Croke Park Mice: The Missing Referee. The Croke Park mice live under the stands, are avid GAA fans and, when no games are on, they take to the pitch themselves under the watchful eye of their bainisteoir, Crokey.