Deirdre McCarthy

Book Cover - The Tree Next Door

The Tree Next Door

This heartwarming and uplifting picturebook is an intergenerational tale about the connective power of nature and is effectively brought to life with captivating illustrations. The story focuses on a young girl’s fascination with the large tree in her elderly neighbour’s garden and the loving care and attention it receives from its owner.

Book Cover - The Bear Who had Nothing to Wear

The Bear who had Nothing to Wear

Readers follow Albie as he uses fashion in a bid to express himself. He experiments with different styles of dress that appeal to all genders or none. While one could accuse Albie of excessive consumer waste regarding his frequent clothing purchases, young readers will delight in studying some of Albie’s outlandish outfits and Willis offers redemption in the form of a charitable action towards the end of the story.