Clara Egan Griffin

Book Cover - Nova's Missing Masterpiece

Nova's Missing Masterpiece

It’s Nova’s dad’s birthday and she makes a special present but loses it just before his party. This story follows Nova through her house as she hunts for the misplaced present with her dog Harley helping with her search. Harley also helps in an unexpected way as Nova’s emotions become too big for her. Nova follows Harley’s examples when it comes to ridding herself of the frustration and panic of losing the present.

Cover - Wain

Wain: LBGT Reimagining of Scottish Folklore

As word ‘Wain’ in Scotland is used to mean a small child or toddler, this book shows traditional Scottish folk tales that would have been shared with young children, but with an LGBTQ+ and poetic twist. Minority identities, can oftentimes can be overlooked when it comes to classic literature, but this inclusion can mean a lot to those within the community or to those questioning their own identity.