Alex G. Griffiths

Book cover - A Bear’s Guide To Beekeeping

A Bear’s Guide To Beekeeping

Boldly declaring itself ‘The Only Book You Will Need to Become an Expert Beekeeper’ from the outset, this witty and engaging guide to beekeeping for bears has instant appeal. As any worthwhile guide should, it begins with Bear, our aspiring beekeeper, wielding this essential manual to find those crucial bees.

Book Cover - Does it Fart?

Does it Fart?

Nick Caruso and Dani Rabaiotti have just launched the child-friendly version of their original New York Times bestselling book, Does it Fart? While the original explores the topic in depth (eew!), this version is extremely suited for families and children. Does it Fart? Find Out Which Animals Parp, Toot And Bottom-Burp! gives a brief explanation on how farts are formed and then it invites children to guess which animals fart (or don’t) and why.