Audrey Dowling

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Audrey Dowling is a French artist and illustrator living in County Kilkenny. She initially pursued a career in the fashion industry in Paris but somehow ended up in the Irish countryside. Her surroundings inspire her work, as well as folklore from all cultures, fairy tales and vintage imagery. Her universe is colourful and narrative, often praised as graceful and poetic.

Book Cover - Ellie and the Fairy Door

Ellie and the Fairy Door

After losing her very first tooth, Ellie places it beneath her pillow. But that night, Ellie soon finds a real fairy door in her bedroom, and meets Sean the leprechaun, who has had his crock of gold stolen. Ellie is suddenly shrunken down and whooshed into fairyland, where she finds Tooth Fairy Willow and her magical house. The trio embark on an adventure to recover the crock of gold from the thieving magpie, and it is only with Ellie’s help and kindness that the gold can be retrieved.

Book Cover - Croke Park Mice - The Missing Referee

Croke Park Mice: The Missing Referee

‘Will I tell you a secret about Croke Park? Lots of mice live there. There are thirty-two mice, one from each county in Ireland.’ So begins the delightful tale of Croke Park Mice: The Missing Referee. The Croke Park mice live under the stands, are avid GAA fans and, when no games are on, they take to the pitch themselves under the watchful eye of their bainisteoir, Crokey.

Book Cover - Flossie McFluff: An Irish Fairy

Flossie McFluff: An Irish Fairy

From Eoin O’Brien, and illustrated by Audrey Dowling, Flossie McFluff is a unique series of new Irish tales that will inspire children and adults to search for fairies the next time they’re walking through the woods. The book brings traditional Irish myths into a modern setting that will inspire and delight young readers. This is the perfect book to introduce Irish children, as well as readers all around the world, to some of Ireland’s unique myths with a new twist.