Book Cover - In the Mouth of the Wolf

In the Mouth of the Wolf

Morpurgo’s latest novel begins with two brothers, Francis and Pieter, each as different from the other as one can imagine. On the evening of his ninetieth birthday, Francis looks back on his experiences in the Second World War and the events and people that would shape both of their lives forever. This takes him from Cambridge, to a farm in the countryside and beyond to places he never thought he would go.

Hello! A Counting Book of Kindness

Hello! A Counting Book of Kindness

Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses is a beautiful story about a mother and her three children who are forced to flee from a war-torn country. Along the way, they are met with many people on their journey who show them great kindness, such as providing them with food and shelter, and providing the children with a good education and friendship. Kurman’s wonderful story speaks to the importance of empathy, understanding and generosity in ensuring the safety and happiness of refugees.