Ben Mantle

Book Cover - Bunnies in A Sleigh

Bunnies in a Sleigh

Christmas goes absolutely bonkers in this third instalment in the Bunnies series. The elves have eaten too much sugar and have a tummy ache, so the bunnies hop on board the sleigh to help Santa with his deliveries. Of course, the bunnies cause even more havoc and hilarity as Santa tries to complete his deliveries – they get stuck in chimneys, stuck in snow, stuffed in stockings – the mayhem is seemingly unending!

Book Cover - Dick the Delightful Duck

Dick the Delightful Duck

Dick the duck is a delight! He is always polite, friendly, caring and thoughtful. Everyone thinks he is wonderful to be around. Until the day that he isn’t. He is suddenly grumpy and cranky, cross and just plain not nice. He is having a very bad day. But Dick’s friends know just what to do: they act like Dick in a delightful mood and help him feel more himself once again.


A Hero Called Wolf

Every librarian will love this book. Not only is this book about a wolf who loves books and his library, it also rhymes and flows perfectly for reading out loud to young children. It is a good story made for reading to groups and has a positive message. Children will share Wolf’s realisation and his disappointment that he doesn’t fit nor like the traditional fearsome wolf image. Why can’t he be like the heroes that he admires so much?

Book Cover - Boot

Boot: Small Robot, Big Adventure

Boot is a small, round robot who wakes up one day in a junkyard with just two and a half memories to his name. One of them is of a little girl called Beth, receiving Boot from her grandma for her birthday. The second is of Beth laughing. And the half memory is Beth crying, saying only the word ‘love’. With nothing more to go on than this, Boot sets out to find Beth and to rediscover who he is.

Book Cover - Boot: The Creaky Creatures

Boot: The Creaky Creatures

Shane Hegarty’s beloved robot, Boot, returns for an adventure which finds him among friends, old and new, in Ivy Park – a green oasis in the middle of a city being overtaken by concrete and commerce. Through meeting with brother and sister Jordan and Melody, Boot and his friends discover a place full of surprise, but one which gives Boot a strange sense of foreboding and worry as well.

Book Cover - Space Oddity

Space Oddity

There is nothing more embarrassing for an eleven-year-old than being shown up by a parent, and the behavior of Jake’s dad is quite literally out of this world. Not only can he outrun all the other dads at the school sports day, but he has a disturbing habit of turning green if he eats too many green vegetables.

Book Cover - Boot: The Rusty Rescue

Boot: The Rusty Rescue

Since Boot came to live in the abandoned Dr Twitchy’s Emporium of Amusements, he’s had a lot of adventures, made fantastic new friends and learned what real happiness is about; though he still doesn’t really understand humans. And now, a new adventure is afoot! While searching for a new nose for Gerry, Boot and the gang discover a rusty, broken old robot in the back of the testing lab. Soon to be tossed down the chute to ‘Robot Heaven’, Rusty won’t last much longer.

Book Cover - Little Red Reading Hood

Little Red Reading Hood

This contemporary narrative of a classic fairy tale favourite not only gives a new look to the story. It turns it on its head and encourages the reader’s right to enter the tale and make it their own.