Catherine Rayner

Book Cover - What it’s Like to Be a Bird

What it’s Like to Be a Bird

Did you know that ravens like to sledge down snowy rooftops on their bellies? Or that partridges are able to outfox a fox? Or for how long a father penguin usually sits on an egg? You don’t have to be an ornithologist to enjoy What it’s Like to Be a Bird, and even if you are, there is still much more to discover about our feathered friends.

Book Cover - The Go-Away Bird

The Go-Away Bird

This is picturebook legend Julia Donaldson’s latest rhyming text for young children and her first partnership with illustrator Catherine Rayner. The Go-Away Bird just wants to be left alone. So, as a colourful array of feathered neighbours drop by her nest to say hello, they each are sent on their way with a very honest ‘go away!’ However, when a large bird of prey won’t go away, the Go-Away Bird learns very quickly that it helps to have friends around. Side by side she and her neighbours team together to scare away the predator.