Daniel Egnéus

Book Cover - The Big Dreaming

The Big Dreaming

Big Bear and Little Bear are getting ready for their hibernation, but this is Little Bear’s first long winter sleep. He is worried that he might run out of dreams and is anxious about what could happen then. So he sets off to look for more dreams, and along the way meets up with Squirrel, Rabbit, and Wolf, who share their dreams with him.

Book Cover - Lubna and Pebble

Lubna and Pebble

Lubna’s best friend is a pebble. Lubna finds Pebble the night that she arrives on the beach, bringing her new friend with her to the world of tents. She tells Pebble everything: about her journey to the world of tents, her brothers, her home and the war. When Lubna is frightened, she tells Pebble stories. Lubna takes care of Pebble, making sure that her friend is kept safe and warm. One day, however, a new boy arrives alone to the world of tents, and Lubna starts to wonder if it is time to pass Pebble’s magic on…

Book Cover - Be Wild, Little One

Be Wild, Little One

Be Wild, Little One is the book we all need right now, at this very moment in time. A poetic text, filled with love, wisdom, energy and encouragement, this is the perfect book for supporting young children to shake off all hesitancy and venture out into the world again, wildly.

Book Cover - Fox: A Story of Life and Death

Fox: A Story of Life and Death

Lyrical and measured, this beautiful picturebook explores a difficult subject through a family of foxes. It is subtle yet upbeat and the opening lines are worth quoting: ‘The ground is frozen. The branches are bare. Dead leaves crunch underfoot. But look closely. Listen carefully. Life is stirring in the shadows.’
I love that a book about the circle of life starts with the dead time of the year rather than the more expected spring start.