Daniela Jaglenka Terrazini

The Boy Who Lost His Spark - book cover

The Boy Who Lost His Spark

When city boy Jem moves to the countryside with his mother and sister, his sadness and anger about the move overwhelm him. Trying his best to hide his feelings, most go unnoticed by anyone except an ancient creature living deep in the hillside, a “nouka”, a mischief-maker from local folklore whose purpose is to distract from unhappiness. The nouka may string yarn in a maze along the staircase, or make the cat behave badly, or hide school bags, doing any number of naughty acts designed to spark curiosity and bring back a sense of wonder.

Book Cover - Where Snow Angels Go

Where Snow Angels Go

O’Farrell’s enchantingly whimsical text tells how Sylvie has unknowingly brought into being an endearingly human guardian angel, who will prove to be essential to her wellbeing. Visiting by night, the angel assures Sylvie that she has within her the potential to help her family and friends rediscover the joy in living that helps keep us all safe. It’s clear that Sylvie’s help is essential to the angel’s wellbeing, too.