Gordy Wright

Book Cover - The Treasure Hunt - True Stories of Treasures Lost, Stolen and Found

The Treasure Hunt: True Stories of Treasures Lost, Stolen and Found

Which continents will have secrets to explore? Which will remain undiscovered? Which artist’s work has been stolen more than eighty times? Where can you find a Terracotta Army? What is the Amber Room? Where is the wreck of The Titanic? Readers can wile away an afternoon as they explore this fascinating book. Encompassing archaeology, the history of art, palaeontology, history, and geography, this book is an immersive odyssey of armchair travelling across the globe.

Book Cover - Strange But True

Strange But True: 10 Of The World’s Greatest Mysteries Explained

This beautiful book is fun, captivating and, in my opinion, one to be shared! An accessible read which lends itself to being either consumed cover to cover in one sitting or used with a ‘dip in and out’ approach. Hulick’s writing invites readers to participate in the story being told by asking questions that can encourage group discussions. Otherwise, the reader needs to channel their inner Sherlock-Holmes and join the dots.