Marc Boutavant

Book Cover - I am Not an Octopus

I am Not an Octopus

I am Not a Octopus is a brightly illustrated picturebook that tells a story of facing fears and connecting with one’s true self. The journey to self-acceptance is told through regular tuna-loving guy, Terry (who is most definitely not an octopus and is absolutely not an octopus who is afraid of water!).

Book Cover - The Case of the Missing Cake

Not an Alphabet Book: The Case of the Missing Cake

If you were expecting a traditional alphabet book then this is not the story for you, instead we have a puzzling mystery that bear must solve, which just happens to be in alphabetical format.

Who has stolen Bear’s cake? McLaughlin’s picture book crime story outlines an alphabetical array of culprits and crime scenes.

Book Cover - Woodland Dreams

Woodland Dreams

Walking through the evening forest, a young girl and her dog quietly observe and capture the bedtime routines of all the woodland animals. The inhabitants of the forest – from bear to reindeer, fish to squirrel – each have a dedicated poem written to them, telling them to come home after their busy day and rest.