Matt Hunt

Book Cover - Little People, Big Dreams: Stephen Hawkins

Little People, Big Dreams: Stephen Hawkins

This book, from the popular Little People, BIG DREAMS series, invites young readers to explore the life of British physicist and allround genius Stephen Hawking. The story opens when he is a little boy, looking up at the stars in Oxford. It takes readers through his unspectacular school years and on to university where he shines.

Book Cover - Cinderfella


Once upon a time, there lived Cinderfella – a little boy forever bossed around by his two older brothers, Gus and Gareth. They make him clip their toenails, clean their room and even finish their homework. They are so mean that on the day of neighbour Kayleigh’s party, Gus and Gareth tell poor Cinderfella that he is not invited. But with a little help from Ruff, his fairy ‘dog-mother’, Cinderfella decides he will go the party after all.