Nicola Colton

Illustrator Headshot - Nicola Colton


Nicola Colton is an Irish author-illustrator living in Bristol and is the creator of the popular ‘People of Bristol’. Her work has featured in editorials, print and web campaigns for clients such as Boots UK and Fáilte Ireland and in various exhibitions. Her debut picture book, A DUBLIN FAIRYTALE, was nominated for an Irish Book Award in 2015 and ZIM ZAM ZOOM! was longlisted for the CLiPPA and UKLA Book Awards 2017.

Book Cover - Fizzy and the Party

Fizzy and the Party

Fizzy and her Mum are about to wind down, eat supper and head to bed one Tuesday evening. But Fizzy begins to root through her dress up box to find the perfect outfit for Mrs Crumbleboom’s party next door. While her Mum needs some convincing, the two head over to the party and enjoy lots of treats, rock music, and exploring Mrs Crumbleboom’s house. Mum brings Fizzy back home before they can see the fireworks, but a compromise is made when they make a blanket fort and watch the fireworks from the window together.

Book Cover - Fizzy and Bandit

Fizzy and Bandit

The only thing Fizzy wants is a puppy and while her mother would never support such a venture, Fizzy is adamant that she would be excellent at looking after one. Unperturbed, Fizzy draws her perfect pet in precise detail – a golden curly haired dog with a shiny black nose. When Fizzy visits her next-door neighbour’s garden and discovers that Mrs Crumbleboom is looking after a pet that is exactly like her drawing, Fizzy sees it as sign that Bandit should be hers. She bends the truth creatively enough that Mrs Crumbleboom agrees to let Fizzy bring Bandit home with hilarious consequences.