Philip Cullen

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Phillip is an illustrator from Dublin, mainly working on children’s books. He Studied Classical Animation at BCFE and has worked for over 10 years in the Youth and Community sector using creative arts to teach children and young people in an informal education setting.

Barnabus Kwerk - book cover

The Strange Tale of Barnabus Kwerk

Barnabus Kwerk’s dreadfully rich, horrible family keep him locked in the attic, when all he wants is to go to school and be a normal boy. But Barnabus is far from normal. When Aunt Jemima appears, Barnabus learns she knows all the secrets: about his family, about his missing mother, about his unique gifts. She steals Barnabus away to the centre of the Earth where his life is turned upside-down.

Book Cover - The Halloween House

The Halloween House

Riley Cain enlists some literary magic to provide a countdown of poems for Halloween, in a book which is brightly written and vividly illustrated. Poems range from the lighthearted (a house inhabited by mummies and Banshees), to the wonderfully absurd (sweet-loving Vikings) to the genuinely haunting (The Phantom Highwayman).