Rachel Corcoran


Rachel Corcoran is a freelance illustrator and designer from Dublin, Ireland. A member of Illustrators Ireland, Rachel's work appears in children's books and book cover illustrations. Rachel also runs her online shop where she sells her earth-kind illustrated greeting cards and prints. When Rachel is not illustrating, she loves to bake with her helper Billie the cat, garden with her outdoor cat Socks, and read books that are set in times long ago.

Book Cover - The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street

The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street

The story of the tenement houses on Henrietta Street in Dublin is one which will interest children in mid-upper primary school. For those children who are aware of the current issue of homelessness, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing nature of this societal issue. For those who are not, this story could be a catalyst for discussion and reflection.

Book Cover - Girls Play Too

Girls Play Too

An ode to the heroes who ‘wear football boots, boxing gloves and mouth guards’, Girls Play Too is a much welcome addition to sports literature with its focus on all the too-often-forgotten female athletes of Ireland. Through twenty-five in-depth portraits of Irish sportswomen, author Jacqui Hurley tips the scale and showcases inspiring stories of determination, discipline and passion bound to empower young readers.

Book Cover - Lily At Lissadell

Lily At Lissadell

Judi Curtin has an impressive portfolio of books and this one features one of her favourite themes – friendship. The setting is Sligo in 1913, a time when Ireland was in political ferment, with the drive for independence and women’s rights, the Lockout and lives of crippling poverty and hunger for many of the common people.