Robin Shields

Book Cover - Biographic Leonardo

Biographic Leonardo

It’s difficult to think of a historical figure better suited to an infographic biography than Leonardo da Vinci, whose very name brings to mind one iconic image after another. Instead of using text to recount a linear story, this book uses maps, timelines, pictures and charts to illuminate key moments in his career, as well as placing his lifestyle and achievements firmly within the context of Renaissance Italy.

Book Cover - Biographic Austen

Biographic Austen

Impeccably researched, concise and laugh-out-loud funny, this unique biography uses beautiful graphics and brightly coloured charts to illustrate Austen’s life, talent and enduring legacy. Learn about the etiquette of a Regency ball, see the hierarchy of servants in a middle-class home, and compare the degree to which each Austen heroine was ‘marrying up’ financially.