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Book Cover - Lulu's Nana Visits

Lulu's Nana Visits

In the seventh instalment of the Lulu series, we meet Lulu’s Nana-Bibi, who arrives for a visit. We see the preparation for, as well as the visit itself – Lulu gives up her bed for her Nana-Bibi and instead gets to sleep on a blow-up mattress in a snug spot in the living room!

Cover of Lulu's First Day, book by Anna McQuinn

Lulu’s First Day

Tomorrow is a big day for Lulu, she is starting preschool. She thinks it will be like story time at the library, but this time she will stay be herself. She has visited the school, packed her new bag, chosen her clothes and packed some extra, just in case! The day arrives and we follow Lulu from the obligatory photograph on the doorstep through each sequence of her day.

Book Cover - Lulu Gets a Cat!

Lulu Gets a Cat!

Lulu Gets a Cat!, the latest addition to the popular series, is a credit to Anna McQuinn. It’s clear that a lot of work and research went into this colourful picturebook, with information about the National Cats Adoption Centre available to young readers on the inside cover.

As a teacher, I found it fantastic that the process of adopting a furry friend was outlined, and that it’s explained that somebody can’t simply go and get a cat. It’s also important to mention that Anna McQuinn details how Lulu cares for her cat, and shows how committed she is before she even thinks of adopting a cat!

Book Cover - Lulu Gets a Cat!

Lulu Gets a Cat

Lulu really wants a cat but Mum says looking after a pet is a lot of work. So Lulu decides to do her homework. She visits the library to find books on pet care and practices looking after her stuffed cat. When her Mum thinks she is ready for the responsibility, they head off to the local animal shelter to pick out a new cat for Lulu.