Sam Brewster

Book cover - Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures: Explore The World In 12 Amazing Train Journeys

Author Sam Sedgman dedicates Epic Adventures to his parents, who taught him ‘to travel.’ This is an apt dedication because Sedgman's love for travel and adventure permeates this beautifully illustrated, informative book.

The book invites its reader to take epic train journeys across six continents and thirty-four countries, stopping off at several cities along the way. Sam Brewster's detailed illustrations set alongside plenty of interesting facts will leave readers of all ages pouring over the pages. This is a book that readers are likely to want to return to repeatedly.

Book Cover - Book of Dinosaurs - 10 Record-Breaking Prehistoric Animals

Book of Dinosaurs: 10 Record-Breaking Prehistoric Animals

What dinosaur had the biggest belly or the best eyesight? This interactive book from the people who created the Book of Bones is a must for the dinosaur mad! We are presented with ten dinosaur skeletons with boastful hints as to who they might be. In a page-turn reveal we are then presented with the dinosaur in its entirety alongside information about its world.

Book Cover - Incredible Journeys

Incredible Journeys

In this beautifully presented hardback publication, real-life adventurer, Levison Wood, chronicles the fantastic feats of some of history’s most notable characters. From the first movements of Homo Erectus out of the continent of Africa, to the vast expeditions of Alexander the Great, onto the epic journeys of Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and Magellan, and all the way to Earhart’s flight and James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge at the Mariana Trench, Levison takes the reader on their own awe-inspiring trip to learn more about the incredible journeys of these boundary-pushing men and women.