Tony Ross

Book cover - Rigatoni The Pasta Cat

Rigatoni The Pasta Cat

From penne to spaghetti, Rigatoni loves every kind of pasta. His owners, Ruth and Tina, make sure to serve him pasta at least once every day, and if by chance they ever forget, Rigatoni has a special pasta miaow to remind them. He likes to be stroked and tickled; he has his favourite spot on the couch to relax and a special dish to eat his pasta out of. All in all, Rigatoni has a pretty great life.

Book Cover - Not Just a Book...

Not Just a Book…

We all know that books are more than words and ink. They have the power to transport young minds to faraway places and help those dealing with stress find a safe place away from it all. But on a more practical level, the talented pairing of Willis and Ross show us in their latest offering that books have endless other weird (and wonderful) uses!

Book Cover - An Seachtar Stuama - Déanaigí Deifir, a Sheachtair!

An Seachtar Stuama - Déanaigí Deifir, a Sheachtair!

Seo leabhar nua ón tsraith An Seachtar Stuama atá á seoladh ag Cló Iar-Chonnacht i mbliana. Sé leabhar ón tsraith cháiliúil seo le hEnid Blyton atá aistrithe go Gaeilge ag CIC anois. I Déanaigí Deifir, a Sheachtair! tá an Seachtar (deartháir agus deirfiúr Peadar agus Sinéad, agus a gcairde Jeaic, Cóil, Gearóid, Neansaí agus Bairbre) ag teacht ó phicnic nuair a fheiceann siad fear ag titim óna rothar. Agus é ag fanacht ar otharcharr éiríonn leis teachtaireacht rúndiamhrach a thabhairt dóibh.

Book Cover - Lucinda Belinda Melinda Mc Cool

Lucinda Belinda Melinda Mc Cool

Lucinda Belinda Melinda McCool is a terrible creation, a horrible girl, a hateful person in a long line of disgusting characters in children’s literature. I love her.

Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross have made a wonderful book in the tradition of Roald Dahl and other irreverent wordsmiths.

Lucinda Belinda Melinda is image-obsessed. She is perfectly groomed and utterly cool. She also has an opinion on the way her friends look: ‘She’d point at their faults very loudly in class/And insist they correct them in front of the glass.’