Una Woods

Una Woods Headshot

Úna Woods is an illustrator and author who lives in Dublin. She loves making illustrations for children, and her work has been published in books, magazines and websites. She loves working with bright colours and patterns in her illustrations. She grew up in Clontarf, very close to where Bram Stoker was born.

Bedtime Stories - book cover

Bedtime Stories: Incredible Irish Tales from the Past

You may think you have a good grip on the unusual historical moments and happenings in Irish history, but I’m willing to bet this book will prove you wrong! Rachel Pierce’s collection of bedtime stories based on Irish history is a complete joy and surprise from start to finish, with sixteen amazing tales through time - many of which I had never heard of before. A collection that has it all; stolen hearts and record breaking ships, groundbreaking women and a series of explosions, there is even a story that will change the way you look at the humble pigeon.

Book Cover - The Halloween House

The Halloween House

Riley Cain enlists some literary magic to provide a countdown of poems for Halloween, in a book which is brightly written and vividly illustrated. Poems range from the lighthearted (a house inhabited by mummies and Banshees), to the wonderfully absurd (sweet-loving Vikings) to the genuinely haunting (The Phantom Highwayman).