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Inis Magazine and our annual reading guide, recommending the very best books in all genres, styles and age groups.

Mind Yourself – the Mental Health and Wellbeing Reading Guide

The Covid-19 pandemic is a considerable source of worry for children and families, and young people are having to cope with big changes at home and at school. In response, Children’s Books Ireland, in partnership with Jigsaw and ISPCC Childline, has created Mind Yourself – the Mental Health and Wellbeing Reading Guide.

Featuring cover artwork by illustrator Tarsila Krüse, The Mind Yourself reading guide is a resource that can be used by adults – parents, guardians, caregivers, teachers – to support and educate young people in relation to mental health and wellbeing. The guide contains reviews and recommendations of over 400 books for children and young people from birth to age eighteen and is designed as a ‘first-aid kit’ for worries, sadness, loneliness, anxiety and any number of feelings that a young person may want to explore. Mind Yourself also contains mental health and wellbeing information from Jigsaw and ISPCC Childline, including tips and coping strategies for young people and advice for adults on supporting children to build resilience.

Elaina Ryan, CEO of Children’s Books Ireland, said:
Mind Yourself was born in a pandemic and is published during an unprecedented time as children and young people return to school following a period of isolation. We want to recognise the very valid feelings that may arise during this time and to provide support for adults who may need a way to start a difficult conversation with a younger person, perhaps by reading a story aloud with them, by leaving a book on their bed with a note or by giving them this guide with a book token to find their own way through it. As always, we want our guides to enable children and young people – with the help of a family member, carer, teacher or librarian – to find the right book for them at a particular time, and if they’re struggling, to tóg sos le scéal or lighten the load with a book.

The guide is available free of charge through libraries in the Republic of Ireland and a digital version of the Mind Yourself Reading Guide can be viewed or downloaded here. Should you wish to purchase a copy of #MindYourself please click here!

Children's Books Ireland Annual Reading Guide

Every year in September we launch the annual Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reads. An Irish children’s illustrator is commissioned to create an original piece of artwork, which is reproduced on posters, bookmarks and stickers for use in libraries, bookshops, schools and homes across the country. In previous years we have worked with former Laureates PJ Lynch and Niamh Sharkey, illustrators Lauren O’NeilChris Judge, Yasmeen Ismail and Chris Haughton to name a few. The Inis Reading Guide Archive can be accessed via the following link.

This artwork also adorns the cover of the Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reads, an A5 booklet featuring the best children’s books from the previous year, reviewed by Claire Marie Dunne, and our panel of independent Book Doctors Kim HarteLouise GallagherBecky LongSíne Quinn,  Ruth Concannon, Vita Coleman, Juliette Saumande and Anne Gannon. The Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reads is available free of charge at public libraries across the country and is a key guide for librarians, teachers and others buying books for children.

The aim of the Reading Guide is to instill a love of reading for pleasure in young people across the country. In doing so, we are delighted to partner with the public library network as well as the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency and Foras na Gaeilge to programme events for young readers everywhere. All upcoming events are listed on our events page.

The 2019 #GrowaReader campaign featured the artwork of Peter Donnelly and included a specially curated section on the theme of the environment – protecting it, celebrating it and embracing it.


Head to our online shop to order your copy of the current Recommended Reads and contact jenny@childrensbooksireland.ie for more information on how to get your book into the guide.

Inis Magazine

Inis magazine, in print and online, is the most important record of the development of Irish children’s literature. It is a rare source of regular review for Irish authors, illustrators and publishers and Irish-language texts and as such it is vital for the promotion of Irish works for young audiences and for the career development of Irish artists. It has documented the growth and status of children’s literature studies as an academic discipline. Children’s Books Ireland publishes Inis three times a year (January, April, July) in print.


Head to our online shop to order your copy of the current edition / sign up for membership and contact jenny@childrensbooksireland.ie for more information on how to get your book featured in Inis magazine.


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