About this Boy

This is an empowering account of how to embrace life and learn from your mistakes. The book is written by Leon Rolle, a member of the band Rudimental, and the award-winning author and poet Derek Owusu. Throughout, Rolle uses stories from his experiences growing up in Hackney to take his readers on a journey through his childhood in the hopes of passing on lessons he has earned from his life. He is clearly striving to inspire young people who are looking for the motivation to succeed.

His incredible stories depict how he navigated the challenges of growing up, and Rolle openly writes about his hopes, dreams, and mistakes with refreshing honesty and humour. Featuring chapters focusing on exploring the importance of mindset, managing your emotions, and the need for self-belief, Rolle reveals how it is often the mistakes we make rather than our successes that shape us as a person.

This reviewer found this book to be an inspiring guide for young readers that champions resilience, self-belief, and the importance of confidence in empowering them to achieve their goals. About this Boy is highly recommended as an enlightening and accessible guide to encourage younger readers to find their confidence, seize opportunities, and believe in themselves and achieve their potential. All while reassuring them and helping them to understand that it’s ok to fail, be unsure, and to take things at their own pace and learn in their own way.

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Publication Date
February 2022