Adia Kelbara and the Circle of Shamans

Isi Hendrix’s first novel of her African-fantasy trilogy tells the story of Adia Kelbara – a twelve-year-old girl who discovers she has mysterious powers which she struggles to control. When she gains a place as an intern in the kitchen of the Academy of Shamans, she hopes someone there might be able to help her, but the school is not at all what she had expected …

Hendrix expertly weaves a story inspired by Igbo mythology with immersive world-building. Readers are guaranteed to be fascinated by the magical beings and destinations they will discover along Adia’s journey. Not only will this book inspire a love of reading, but it also serves as an ideal introduction to African legends and traditions. The plot is well developed, and Hendrix’s foreshadowing makes for satisfying payoffs. Everything clicks together nicely making for a fulfilling read and the story is not short of ‘ah-ha’ moments which add to the enjoyment. The characters you will meet are varied and engaging. Between the no-nonsense Alusi goddess, a formidable 500-year-old warrior girl and a naïve soldier boy apprentice, Adia has gathered an exciting team to embark on her adventure.

One over-arching theme found throughout the book is that of being different. Negative stigmas around being unique can result in wishing to be like everyone else, this book, however, teaches the importance of embracing who we are and views being different as a strength. Hendrix’s debut novel is filled with intriguing characters and a dynamic plot which will leave readers wanting more.

Book Cover - Adia Kelbara and the Circle of Shamans
Publication Date
September 2023